Places I want to visit

Places I want to visit (that I jot down here before I forget their names)



3 thoughts on “Places I want to visit

  1. Enjoyed reading your blog.
    I visited The Vyne yesterday 5.5.2013, and happened upon your very lively blog today. I wanted to drop you a line to recommend you put The Vyne at the top of your list for a visit. It will delight you as you are so fond of the period of Henry VIII, and admire Ham House.
    The rooms are modest in scale, it has a great richness of architectural development – the “modernisations” from Tudor to classical sit beside one another. Apparently the portico was the first classical portico in England, but the exterior was not refaced in stone as other houses with Tudor cores. It has it’s own chapel and a delightful print room.

    1. Hi Leon. Thank you for the recommendation. I do indeed intend to visit The Vyne and have it on my list – see my post from “Plans for 2013“. While I’d planned to go at Easter, Sissinghurst and Stowe House got in the way! I have it down as one to see on a warm day when I can cycle from the nearest train station – as a life NT member I tend to take my time visiting NT properties.

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