Resources & blogroll

Here’s a list of some useful resources on houses and gardens plus people, places & sites I’ve bumped into.

MAP showing all HHA, NT, EH houses (produced by a walking club)

Professional websites

Books on my shelf

  • The Classical Country House by David Watkin
  • The Destruction of the Country House, ed. Roy Strong
  • English Country House Interiors by Jeremy Musson
  • No Voice from the Hall: Early Memories of a Country House Snooper by John Harris
  • Some Country Houses and their Owners by James Lees-Milne (short diaries of his visits trying to procure houses for the National Trust)

Blogs & personal websites

HOUSES (interiors & style)


Paints & wallpapers



Furniture making & restoration

Wood flooring

Lighting & Electrical

LED lights: brightness is rate in lumens – a higher no. gives more light.

  • table light: 350-500 lumens
  • color temp. is measured in Kelvins – below 3000K = warm white; higher rating is a cooler light

Salvage & Auctions

Other interior products



These are a few that I’ve visited and would happily go back to (a work in progress).

Plants online

Landscaping & pots

Garden designing

Design schools & interior designers

Overseas art/language/cooking courses



One thought on “Resources & blogroll

  1. Just a few that I read in addition to yours: A Country Farmhouse, Janelle McCulloch’s Library of Design, Carolyne Roehm, For the Love of a House, Quintessence.

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