Open Garden Squares London 2018

For 2018, we decided to spend the Sunday of London Open Garden Squares visiting only squares that were offering entertainment.

Thus, we found ourselves listening to traditional entertainment in Eaton Square, a cappella over near High Street Kensington, and jazz in Cadogan Square. We called into the Ismali Centre for a WC break and caught a glimpse of their wonderful rambling rose, set against the borrowed rooftop embellishments of the V&A museum across the road.

The day was very hot, we’d seen the gardens before, but we were very happy to go back and while away the day, living as the other half do on a regular basis.

For those not in the know about this weekend, it takes place annually during the second weekend in June each year. For it, many of the private squares around London open the doors to the public. Having paid less than £15 for a weekend ticket, one can go and see inside these private spaces. Most of the gardens offer some kind of entertainment or refreshment, especially around Chelsea and Kensington. Belgrave Square is somewhere that offers particularly good food and entertainment (we called in at 11am before the BBQ had started, but the bar was nevertheless already open).

If you haven’t enjoyed the weekend before and are visiting London next year I highly recommend that you choose the second weekend in June.

This year, tea was drunk, scones were eaten, shade was sought, and we enjoyed a slightly alternative garden visiting weekend.

When: June 2018


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