Closed for Spring Cleaning

Any of you who write your own journals and host their photos on Photobucket will realise that unless users pay $400 per year, they’re going to deny 3rd party hosting. I refuse to pay that, so I’m on downtime from providing any pictures, while I clean up, refigure my options and reorganise my journal.

Photobucket are also preventing me downloading my photos from them unless I do it one by one.

I do currently pay them, but they want to increase the annual charge by over $350/year.

I hope to be back when I fathom out technology.  In the meantime you might find lots of missing pictures at some point in the near future.

Robin, November 2017


2 thoughts on “Closed for Spring Cleaning

  1. Very sad to think your excellent posts may be curtailed, thank you for the pleasure you have given over several years

    1. Thank you for your kind words.

      I have a tiny bit of allowance to upload direct to WordPress, which might cover me for a short while. I’ve now downloaded all of the photos that I want to keep, so I’m waiting to see what happens to the photos on here in early December, which when they say my account will revert to a “free account”, even though I only paid them for my usual one-year account earlier in 2017. I will query a refund! I’ve just made a two-page list of all the posts that are currently showing a black picture on the front page, so I’m just going to replace each of those with the same placeholder photo.


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