Itinerary: Strawberry Hill – Richmond along The Thames

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I took the train from Waterloo station to Stawberry Hill and them made my way back to Richmond Station, calling off at:

Strawberry Hill

After Stawberry Hill, I cycled down to Teddington and over the footbridge into Ham.  I then took the partly paved/partly rough Thames path (i.e. hybrid cycles only) around to Ham House.  Along the way I stopped by bike and walked down to the shore of the Thames.  It made me think of what Central London must have been like, when there too the land meandered down to the shore and into the water.

I had my lunch at Ham House,

overlooking this wonderful view:

View out to the garden. Not just any garden. @hamhousent

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I lingered rather too long over the wonderful Cherry Garden:

Afterwards, it was 10 minutes until my next stop off.

I was mesmerised by the spectacle of Petersham Nurseries, which is hard to spot from the main road, but certainly it had been found by many, as it was heaving, even on the last official day before the clocks went back and the hours of daylight grow too short.

Never, worry, it’s only 7.5 weeks until the days grow longer again.


The cycle ride along the Thames Path from Teddington to Ham House was particularly joyful.  If you had time, you could then look around Richmond town centre before taking the train back to Central London.  Some other options (time permitting and depending on whether you cycle back to Central London instead of taking the train) along the way could be:

My head had hit the sack by 9.15pm yesterday evening.  I put it down to having seen so much the brain was fatigued and needed sleep in order to process it all!

When visited: October 2017

3 thoughts on “Itinerary: Strawberry Hill – Richmond along The Thames

  1. Great photos.

    If Horace Walpole designed (or had it designed by an architect to his taste) in the mid 18th century, why did he choose Georgian Gothic revival architecture? Churches yes, but this architectural style must have stood apart from other country homes of the same era.

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