Parcevall Hall Gardens (North Yorkshire)

Somehow we hadn’t spotted this garden before on the HHA map of “Free to Friends”, but this time we had both seen it – me on the HHA’s website and D in the “RHS Partner Gardens list”.  I noted that the RHS card doesn’t give free access on a weekends but the HHA membership does, which prompted a discussion as to why houses offer different entry conditions with different cards…

Down the longest and windiest roads we went, having to do a three-point turn to turn off left to the dead-end road which promised Parceveall Hall at the end.  Upon arrival we were pointed to the car park and then returned to the cottage at the entrance to sign in.  We couldn’t help but stop and stoke the friendliest of “garden cats” we’ve ever met.  He knew exactly where to sit in order to get stroked by every visitor.

So we set off up the hill, across the stream and through the woods until we finally reached a seat.  We didn’t take a right to visit the tarn but instead headed off to the left towards the long border and the terraces.

The Hall itself is not open – it’s used for retreats and is owned by the church.  There’s no phone or internet signal and the only view is of a granite crag, so if you need to get away from it all, Parceval Hall would be a good place to come.

Beyond the house the garden continues again up the hillside.  We went as far as we could bear, but as it was approaching 5pm and we had a long drive back through the hills, we meandered back down to the car park and returned to phone signal land once more, stopping off at a proper fish and chip shop for provisions along the way.

When visited: August 2017


3 thoughts on “Parcevall Hall Gardens (North Yorkshire)

  1. As usual….Excellent photography and detailed information ….I always look forward to your email…a journey of interest with no cost to myself, just enjoyment. Many thanks 😊

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