Merriments Garden (East Sussex)

Around the corner from Pashley Manor (last week’s post) lies Merriments Garden Centre & garden.  We spotted the “RHS partnership garden” flags outside and decided to call in.

While the RHS-partnership status wasn’t valid on a Saturday, and while we were both prepared to walk away (it’s £7 to enter but we didn’t know what it was) and visit another of the many possible gardens and houses to visit in this part of East Sussex, the lady behind the till sensed this and sensibly asked if we had a Gardener’s World 241 card, which we did, leaving us happy to pay £3.50 to enter the unknown.

It was larger than we expected and altogether pleasant, although I’m still often puzzled by gardens laid out in abstraction of a property…  Yes, I understand the garden centre’s advert but for that I’d think £4 max per visit.  Ah well, I’m sure the 1000s who visit here will prove me otherwise. Sadly, the time of year meant that the garden centre wasn’t stocked with anything that could tempt my delight and what there was on the stands was overpriced, so we carried on our merry way, to find rarer and cheaper specimens are Great Dixter.

When visited: July 2017


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