Pashley Manor gardens (East Sussex)

Pashley Manor’s gardens are some of the nicest I’ve ever visited.  We visited first during the year that we thrice frequented Sissinghurst.  It’s down the road and we found it soooo much nicer, that when D was down in the South for Hampton Court Flower show, I suggested that on the Saturday we drive down to Pashley Manor, for a cream scone on their terrace.

We had no intention of going near (the near hell that is) Sissinghurst this time, staying firmly on the “HHA”-side gardens open to the public.

If you click on the link to my earlier post on Pashley Manor, you will see that the terrace has recently been relandscaped.

Crocosmia, rudbeckia, heleniums, double borders – sublime

Munching scones @historic_houses

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We arrived at 10am, just as the gardens were opening, and when I had finished our turn of the grounds and I wandered into the cafe, warm scones were just being placed on their stand.  Who could resist?

When visited: July 2017

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