Burton Agnes Hall – round 3 (East Yorkshire)

December 2013

I realise that both my previous posts about Burton Agnes Hall capture it in Winter (December 2013, February 2017).  Below are my photos from summer 2016 (sorry, only iPhone quality).

After my disappointing visit to Kiplin Hall, Burton Agnes Hall’s interior couldn’t do much more to be on the other complete other end of the scale.  I adore it.  It is also very much still a family home, and the abundance of plant life in the house helps to a great extent with the atmosphere – taking what could be a museum into the realm of being a home.

However, Burton Agnes Hall’s walled garden, a former winner of the Historic Houses Association “Garden of the Year” prize is, in my opinion, in need of a revamp – the layout is dated (e.g. concrete flags making up board-games to form the centre of a courtyard) and the flowerbeds need stripping and replanting.  This is something that happens to gardens, 20 years or so on from when they are first planted to immediate impressive effect.  It must be hard for those who planted the original garden to take out what they committed to previously, but if Burton Agnes’ next step was to make the walled garden a “Wow” and not just a “Woo”, I’d find it hard for the house to put a foot wrong.

When visited: August 2016


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