Millgate House (North Yorkshire) – views from down the garden path

Have you ever seen a garden features on Gardner’s World or another garden programme and added it to your mental list of “places to visit”? Or (then) seen it in the Yellow Book, the RHS partner gardens list, the Gardeners World 241 booklet or on the HHA list of member gardens?

Millgate House garden was one of those.  I’d seen it on TV and ALL of those lists…

Finally we were in North Yorkshire and I added it to our itinerary, although when we arrived at the house we weren’t sure that we were in the right place, other than for the sign “garden open” on one of the doors.

I’ve always stated that I’d never want a garden on a hill.  My dream city/town garden is long and the same width as my Georgian 5-storey town house.

Millgate House garden fills part of that wish-list, the house (which is also a B&B) being Georgian.  The garden, however, is on a hill.  I wouldn’t want to garden it, but we certainly enjoyed visiting it, stuffed to the brim with plants.  Of particular note are the hostas and topiary.

I can imagine that if I were visiting Richmond again and I needed to stay the night, I’d definitely want to stay here, and hoping that we had a dry, hot summer’s evening, I would disappear into one of the hidden seating areas in the garden with a cold glass of something.

When visited: August 2017–and–Garden


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