The points game: wiling away the time at Country Houses

D and I play a game when visiting houses and gardens.

We get points.

The best point-scoring was achieved at the NT’s Sizergh Castle in the Lake District (above), where while sat in the restaurant near the car park we got about 15 points between us in just 30 minutes.

What pray is this points game?

Well, don’t judge us.  It keeps us amused.

You may have noticed that after a long time together some couples start dressing similarly.  In other cases the wife shops for the husband.

What these couples have in common is that they are often spotted in matching outfits.  This is particularly so when it comes to ‘outdoor wear’. One might buy a waterproof jacket or pair of wellingtons and the other admires it, prompting them to buy the same.

Sometimes sisters or close friends share so many fashion interests that they turn up in the same outfits, like the two couples who joined us on a tour of the Royal Albert Hall.  Both wives had red tops and black trousers on.  D and I engaged in lots of eyebrow raising and point scoring.

Uniforms don’t count.

The clothes have to be the same colour and the same ‘type’ of clothing.

So if you hear someone say ‘I got a point’ and someone else say ‘oh, go on, but those trousers are a slightly different colour even if they do have the same mac on‘, it could well us.

And the best thing is you can play this game anywhere.  We play it on holiday (Italian men often wear the same suits) and just out and about in the street.

D and I make a point (ha, pun) of trying not to look like typical National Trust members, but I fear I may morph into one…

Try it, see how many points you get next time you’re at a Country House.

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