No 1 Royal Crescent (Bath – Somerset)

Last October, I booked a train to Bath and found a room for the night, and together with my trusty stead (my bicycle), I spent 36 hours exploring.  I visited everywhere that the Art Fund card offers free entry to, plus I paid a mere £5 to go inside No 1 Royal Crescent, which is a restored house that aims to provide a glimpse into the type of interior that those renting a house or rooms in Bath for the season during the 18th century would have experienced.

I was a little put off by the costumed “greeter” at the door as I thought the house might be a bit of a parody.  While the main rooms are interesting enough, the room that really took me by surprise was the kitchen – it was only added to the museum post-2006, when the former owner died.  He had lived with the kitchen much as it always had been, so it serves as an interesting insight into the true history of the property.

When visited: October 2016


2 thoughts on “No 1 Royal Crescent (Bath – Somerset)

  1. I agree, costumed greeters spoil the mood. Rather than enhancing the feeling of atmosphere, they just serve to remind you that you are really not in that era. Left alone to imagine the past is more enjoyable. Always reminds me of a theme park.

  2. I love Bath because it must have been a very elegant city in the 18th century, especially the work done by the two Georgian architects, John Wood I and II. Even today, the Bath stone looks impressive.

    My favourite family from the Royal Crescent was electoral reformer Francis Burdett and his daughter Baroness Angela Burdett-Coutts. Would they have recognised the restored curtains, carpets, furniture, decorative items etc?

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