Normanby Hall (Lincs): the big house to Sutton Park

I have twice taken a guided tour of Sutton Park, the present home of Samantha Cameron’s parents.  Since my first visit in or around 2008, I wanted to visit the family’s former and much grander home, Normanby Hall.  Although the Sheffields still own the property, they granted a 90-year lease to the council in 1964.

It being council-run, we weren’t expecting grandeur (given that such properties are usually run on a shoe-string), but nevertheless we finally made it to the front door in May 2016.

The house would benefit from some live plants or flowers in the rooms, but they seem to nevertheless do a fine trade in weddings. Very few visitors were looking around the house, most being there to enjoy the lawns.  Perhaps they could make a luxury hotel in the house?

We took a train ride, walked around the gardens and reflected on the difference between Normanby Hall and Sutton Park, before hot footing it back to Yorkshire.

When visited: May 2016


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