Snowdrops at Burton Agnes Hall (East Yorkshire)

Last Saturday we drove up to Burton Agnes Hall.

In 2016, when we visited Sewerby Hall in early February, we were heading there because I couldn’t find any snowdrop walks that had opened by then.  I had noted that I was up north just a couple of weeks early and made a diary note to visit in 2017 during 18/19 February.

We stopped off first at Pocklington, which is definitely somewhere worth visiting.  We walked around the shops (a variety of “gift” and antique shops and various charity shops) and then called into Burnby Hall Gardens.

We spotted some lovely snowdrops in the churchyard.

#snowdrops in the churchyard #pocklington #yorkshire

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I don’t have any photos of Burnby Hall Gardens to share with you other than the one from Instagram below, because, quite frankly, there wasn’t much to see.  The gardens belonged to Edwardian owners who completed eight world tours.  The house is now the local registry office and the gardens guard a national collection of waterlilies.  In February, we saw just the green signs identifying what must be planted somewhere below the surface of the lake that dominates the garden.  We visited the museum about the owners’ life (mainly spent shooting things if I judge them by the contents of the museum) and agreed that we’d visit the gardens again during the summer.

Snowdrops carpet

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The real story was at Burton Agnes Hall, where the entire wood was carpeted with snowdrops.

Despite having visited Burton Agnes Hall a couple of times before, we’d never been into the woodland walk.


On the way between Pocklington & Burton Agnes Hall we had spotted a sign for a nursery and a snowdrop opening.  It was Primrose Bank Nursery and so we called in on the way back, arriving just 20 minutes before the closing time.  They were open for charity, and charitably they stayed open long enough for us to look around and have a hot drink.

When visited: February 2017


3 thoughts on “Snowdrops at Burton Agnes Hall (East Yorkshire)

  1. How beautiful to see the leafless trees residing in a carpet of beautiful white flowers! Many thanks for this reminder that spring will arrive one of these days. Cheers.

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