Hodnet Hall Gardens (Shropshire) – a reminder that Spring will arrive

At this time of year, sometimes we need reminding of the life that is waiting – dormant – beneath the soil, anticipating the sun’s warmth that will encourage its Spring splendour.

While the house facade above might appear austere to you and you might think what I was doing visiting such a place, I think the photos below themselves justify visiting Hodnet Hall.  Yes, while the Percys, who have lived at the house for circa 50 years, might have modified the house in the 1960s to provide modern the comforts, they have clearly laboured far more effort on their gardens.

The gardens to the rear of the house follow the curves of the valley, the flooded sides of which were covered in daffodils when we visited.

A scone with clotted cream at the restaurant in what used to be the stables to the former Tudor house on the site was well deserved, even if walking back up the steps to where we had parked on the house’s drive probably didn’t quite work off all those calories.

One to visit at every season of the year.

When visited: April 2016



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