Merry Christmas from Castle Howard (North Yorkshire)

A couple of weeks ago, I persuaded D to drive over to Castle Howard for a second time this year, to see their Christmas display.

The rooms below definitely merited the visit.

Merry Christmas.


When visited: November 2016

Theme tune

5 thoughts on “Merry Christmas from Castle Howard (North Yorkshire)

  1. Season’s Greetings to you and “D”………………may 2017 be kind to you both.

    I shall look forward to viewing your outings next year.

    Take Care,
    Regards, Robyn.

  2. Castle Howard, with its very high ceilings, columns and marble floors, did the seasonal decoration very well. The room with the paintings and the piano, in particular, was designed with excellent taste.

    But I do think the snow, fir trees, cones, tinsel and sleighs look much more gorgeous in the northern hemisphere than in the southern. If Father Christmas visits homes in my hemisphere, he should swim in on a surf wave and be wearing a bathing suit 🙂

    Have a healthy, happy holiday!

  3. We don’t often comment but just to say we do look at all your posts and have found them very helpful.

    A very merry Christmas to you and D
    Kind regards
    Stuart & Shirley Jackson

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