Hampton Court Castle (the one in Herefordshire)…

Hampton Court.  No, not that one!  This one is in Herefordshire and isn’t royal or a Tudor palace.

This one has a much more modern “heraldic” interior, given to it by its current owner, an American.  I had been mentioning to D for a while that we should visit because in 2012 it was put up for sale, for £12m.

Fr all its modernity, it is warm and welcoming, the tour was great, and the gardens inspired and surprised us.

It’s a garden I’d like to go back to May, June, September and November.

So that’s a guess I tip for country house owners: neglect your garden and I might visit your house once; couple it with a wonderful garden and I’ll be back every month of the year to see you.

My maze craze was appeased for another day.

We explored the gardens and particularly enjoyed every hidden nook.

Then we sat down in the very welcoming cafe.  While it wasn’t quite time for lunch, and we have other places to visit, we both said that we were glad to have visited before a new owner is found and this house may close to all but private events.

Website: http://www.hamptoncourt.org.uk/

When visited: April 2016

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