Elsham Hall (North Lincolnshire)

Take away: they had big fish.

Someone has at one point taken on Elsham Hall Gardens.  There are good bones.  And some interesting plants.

It’s just 10% off hitting the mark as a tourist attraction: in my opinion it either needs to turn back 40% and become a secret personal garden, or crank up to 100% and join Disneyland.   I’d of course prefer the former.

The vista in the two pictures below “works”.

However, the pictures below, the tourist pavilion and red paint needs to move away.

That said, I suspect I’m not the intended demographic.  The website and set-up suggest(ed) to me that families with small children are the target (a similar target audience as at Sewerby Hall or Lotherton Hall), almost like whoever is in charge used to work for a local council-owned stately home.

We enjoyed walking around the lake, spotting a handkerchief tree (below), but for me the animals inside the wooden pens above in the walled gardens could have been elsewhere.

You win some, lose some.  We carried on to Normanby Hall.

Website: http://www.elshamhall.co.uk/

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