Berrington Hall (Herefordshire) – Lancelot’s last landscape

On our way back from Hereford to Yorkshire, earlier this year, we called into Berrington Hall, the most surviving intact example of a mansion designed by Henry Holland, and in this year – 2016 – of the tri-centenary year of Lancelot “Capability” Brown’s birth, his last landscape.

Inside, it’s v.NT (insofar as it’s a museum, not an ounce of soul), but the outside space is definitely worth visiting.

We stayed for about 45 minutes.

The NT has much to do here to bring it up to spec.  The interiors are delicate with potential – a dozen bunches of fresh flowers would alter the atmosphere by 1000%.  And they could take the ropes away.

Splendidly, the light above the staircase remains open to the skies and hasn’t been boxed into “protect” it. Wonderful.

We skipped off past the topiary balls, to our next destination.

When visited: April 2016

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