Kenwood House (London) – a perfect spot for a sunny weekday lunchtime frolic

I have a plan.  At some point I’ll ride all the London bus routes and get off at various stops along the route, for lunch, coffee, cake etc., until I’ve explored all of London.

That plan will have to wait a while.

However, D and I did have a day mid-week to frolic in London and we took the 168 bus to Hampstead.

From there, we acquired a large cup of coffee each and made our way, meanderingly, across the heath.  Until we saw a white gleam on the horizon.

All with the intention of taking lunch at Kenwood House.

Plus a bit of watching the fancy dogs taking their late morning walks.

And of course, looking at an original Vermeer inside the house, together with the wonderfully restored Robert Adam-designed interiors.

It’s free to enter the house.

We wondered what all the other visitors did to make a living, also being free to frolic on a weekday.  Were they retired?  Just rich?  What job do they do where they work weekends?

One day I too will be free on weekdays, just not for a while yet.

It’s free.  No excuses!  Do visit.

When visited: April 2016


3 thoughts on “Kenwood House (London) – a perfect spot for a sunny weekday lunchtime frolic

  1. And the Gainsboroughs (?) too in the photo preceding the Vermeer detail. Quite sublime. You would probably poo-poo it, but living as we do in Thailand, we are currently enjoying Phil Spencer’s Stately Homes series.

    1. I have been what Pip off the Telly and his stately homes series. Yes, in my opinion the angle of analysing what a stately home would cost in today’s money is a bit naff, and I’ve been already to all the houses he’s visiting, but I still watch as I like to hear what the owners have to say about their house. 🙂

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