Abbeywood Gardens (Cheshire) – where the Gardeners World 241 card doth take us…

This year D and I agreed to obtain a Gardeners World 241 card, which does what it says on the tin: provides entry for two people for the price of one at a long list of gardens (and sometimes there’s also a discount if you visit alone).  There I was, in WH Smith, along with another scavenger doing the same thing as me, trying to explain to the shop assistant what the Gardeners World magazine is.  I was met with a blank look and told in WH Smith and a variety of other shops “if it’s not on the shelf, we don’t have it”.

Alas, I went around in Central London and couldn’t find a single copy of the magazine.  I called up D and in Yorkshire there was apparently a stack of them, unsold, ripe, sitting in the co-op.  One was bought.

I therefore set about making a list of the gardens we could visit in the previously largely untread land of Cheshire.

The card brough us to Abbeywood Gardens.

Principally a wedding and events venue, Sunday-Thurdsay the public can visit.

There is a cafe that anyone can pop into without paying an entry fee (and it looked very nice), and for a small sum one can wander around the gardens.  I am sure they make a good backdrop on many wedding photographs.

To the side of the house is a small wooded area with a smattering of rhododendrons (it needs more plants adding) but this particularly lively splash of colour below was in the drive outside the front door.  It’s a bit too much for me.  You?

When visited: May 2016


After Abbeywood, we continued onto a nursery called Bluebell Cottage Garden.  The owner, Sue Beesley, had the night before driven back from Chelsea Flower Show.

They too have a garden that you can visit, and while I didn’t keep most of my shots, this bed of alliums was worthy of uploading.

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