Van Loon House (Amsterdam)

On this street we found an opportunity to go inside a canal house and explore a magnificent, long garden, reaching back to the street behind, which essentially is a Mews Street.

We didn’t have time enough to visit any of the major museums in Amsterdam, having only 3 hours alone after finishing a walking tour of the city.

Although D was grumpy about the walk to this museum and the distinct lack of benches on which to sit, the mood perked up when I suggest we sit down with a piece of cake in the garden, a sight quite unexpected.

Built in 1672, the current owning family live in apartments on the top floor and open the lower floors as a museum, exhibiting how earlier occupants enjoyed these rich surroundings.

The entrance hall

The garden room

The garden

The rear facade

The kitchen


Upper floor

When visited: April 2016

2 thoughts on “Van Loon House (Amsterdam)

  1. I have been in 17th century canal houses before and loved the designs, inside and out. But they were smaller, more business oriented and had less natural light. So we have to assume that van Loon House was built for a family with quite a lot of space and money. The entrance hall in particular is beautifully spacious.

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