Amsterdam & Delft

When I visited The Netherlands in April this year, primarily to frequent the glorious and unquestionably impressive Kuekenhof Gardens (for more of which see here), I went as part of a guided trip.  Essentially, I didn’t have time enough to prepare my usual 20-page itinerary; but I still wanted to see the bulbs.

The tour party stayed in Delft (where we have 2 afternoons to ourselves) and we also spent half a day in Amsterdam (I know, not nearly enough time!).

I found the two cities quite delightful (especially their architecture) and I would definitely like to return.  Next time hopefully I’ll go armed with a cycle: in The Netherlands it truly is more dangerous to be a pedestrian than a cyclist.

My photos:





Begijnhof –,_Amsterdam
The Royal Palace at Dam Square –

It’s always nice to leave somewhere wanting more.

When visited: April 2016

2 thoughts on “Amsterdam & Delft

  1. I am going to be lecturing on Dutch and Belgian art and architecture this semester. I recognise the Begijnhof and royal palace, of course. But are the other buildings significant places? Or did you just fancy the architecture?

    The students love blog-based references. Thanks.

    1. I’m doing a post next week in the van loon house. One house has a church in the rafters! In delft one of the streets is where vermeer used to live!

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