Wollerton Old Hall Gardens (Shropshire): I found my garden in someone else’s mind

My own garden, if ever I were maître of one large enough and free from any other influence, would be formal, nature would be tamed to an extent – it would be influenced by the gardens of Italy and France – and it would incorporate the following elements:

A rill

Topiary – buxus and taxus

Formality and straight lines


Pleached hornbeam or limes

A white garden


Informality (to balance the structure)

Evergreen interest

Shrubs in the flowerbeds

Heady flowers

Hard landscaping of soft, mellow stone (no concrete)

Well, pretty much many of the elements that I found at Wollerton Old Hall.

It sits on 4 acres and is incorporates wonderful English planting through a series of rooms.  As a garden of rooms, it delights me in every way which the National Trust-isation of the garden rooms at Hidcote and Sissinghurst put me off this type of gardening.

I really really liked it and the owner was there, selling plants in the nursery. He answered all my niave questions with genuine pleasure, almost like it never bothered him to have visitors around; in fact it seemed like he still retains his passion for the garden, as much so as he and his wife probably had back in 1984 when they bought the hall (her childhood home) and set about fashioning the plot.

We came away with plants, many of which just can’t be bought in the average garden centre (or even many nurseries).

Maybe I liked it so much because it included many of the elements of a garden that I would like to have in my own.


It was on our trip back to Yorkshire from London that we veered off into Shropshire – via Hereford and Ludlow – a long left serve.

And we discovered that this part of the world is delightful and just over an hour from “home” in Yorkshire.

While we think nothing of trekking 2 hours up to the Lake District or North Yorkshire, we had never until April this year investigated in-depth this part of the world.

Indeed I will be back!

Beyond the formality the woodland garden commenced.

My task?  To find a reason to visit this garden in every season.  Maybe I’ll get to see a scene like the one below.

Source: WollertonOldHall.com – RillJoeWainwright


When visited: April 2016

Website: http://wollertonoldhallgarden.com/

4 thoughts on “Wollerton Old Hall Gardens (Shropshire): I found my garden in someone else’s mind

  1. What an inspirational space. Another inspirational Shropshire garden you might want to visit is author Katherine Swift’s garden. She wrote one of my favorite garden books, The Morville Hours.

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