Off the shores of Cannes (France): Ile St Honorat

Originally I had wanted to book a hotel in Nice, but the lovely lady who helped me organise the holiday suggested that we book a hotel in Cannes instead.  She told me that not only would it be cheaper to stay in Cannes, but also that as it would be so simple to get around from Cannes, the location was a no brainer.

And she was right. We made day trips to Monaco and Nice, and one afternoon I jumped on the bus to Grasse, a quaint town at the top of the hill where historically perfume was made (today its cobbled streets are still the home to perfumeries, but are also a major tourist attraction).

I also suggested to D that we spend a tranquil day on one of the small islands off Cannes, the Lérins Islands.

There are two inhabited islands:

Ile St Marguerite (St Marguerite Island)

Ile St Honorat (St Honorat Island)

Ile St Maguerite is the larger of the two islands.

Ile St Honorat is only occupied by monks, who make wine and harvest honey and lavender.

I quite fancied the latter, because after a week of frantic sight-seeing, the idea of walking slowing around the perimeter of a silent island appealed (and when my silence was spoiled by the fact that D had brought a wheely-suitcase-come-rucksack to drag around the pebbled paths, we fell out a little bit over whether that “bag!” should be worn as a rucksack, to preserve the peace).

It was hot, it was (eventually) peaceful.

The sea was a deep blue.

The monastery was silent.  It was lunchtime and everyone had gone inside to eat and pray.

And for a moment we were far away from technology and 21st century living.

For an afternoon.

When visited: September 2015

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