Parham House (West Sussex)

Built in 1557, it seems we’ve been trekking through the 16th century for a few weeks now.  And no, it’s not a looker from the outside, but it does have some wonderful interiors and gardens.

The Great Hall

It was at Parham that we saw the flame stitch decoration and bed hangings

A spalsh of classicalism, popping in from a century out of place to the rest of the house

An also this glorious gallery in the attic.

Loving the greek key on this frame.

And this picture, one of the very first of a kangaroo brought back to England (this is actually a copy; the original by Stubbs is in the Royal Museum at Grenwich).

“The Kongouro from New Holland”

And Barbara Villiers?, Charles II’s mistress – or is it Louise de Kerouaille?  17th C women are all painted the same to me…!!

And the garden displays, wow.  So many sunflowers!

Achillea, Nepeta, Salvia…

When visited: August 2015


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