My top 10 London (and vicinity) places to visit

I live in London but I have yet to see all the historic houses!

During 2016 I want to visit Banqueting House, Kenwood House (I haven’t been since the restoration) and Benjamin Franklin House.

This year I’ve already paid a return visit to Handel House (but it was still uninspiring, except for the paint, about which more another day).

Sometimes I receive emails from people visiting England, often saying how they find me because they’re looking for inspiration about where to visit on a short holiday.

Here are my suggestions if you are visiting London.

This year London Open House is 17-18 September, a good time to visit!

London Open Garden Squares 2016 is 18-19 June.

My top 10

  1. Tower of London
  2. Syon House
  3. Hampton Court Palace
  4. Kew Gardens
  5. Spencer House
  6. Osterley Park
  7. Kenwood House
  8. Buckingham Palace
  9. Marble Hill House
  10. Southside House

Happy travels!

One thought on “My top 10 London (and vicinity) places to visit

  1. The reason I would choose Kew Gardens first was not primarily because of the garden design. Rather because the architecture was unexpected and often impressive eg Palm House and Temperate House. And the art work in the Marianne North Gallery was very impressive as well.

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