Houses and gardens visited during 2015

One more year of peeping through the windows and over the fence into the homes and gardens of others.

And still I have about 800 out of the Simon Jenkins’ 1000 best houses to visit.

My favourite house this year was Wilton House, although visiting Pompeii & Herculaneum was rather splendid!

During 2015 I also spent a couple of weeks in France.  I visited both the Palace of Versailles and Monet’s garden at Giverny.

So this year I’ve passed across the grounds of some rather big ticket places.

Through coincidence and circumstance, this year I moved into a more artistic gear: I have started painting in addition to understanding more about photography.  That doesn’t mean that visiting houses & gardens plays second fiddle; just that the melange of life gets more intricate and more interesting.  I’ll never see a painting or a photograph in the same way.  Like a house can never be just “pretty” nor a garden “blooming”; knowledge of history, technique and method tweaks the way that the eye and the mind see and process things.

As I evolve, so too will this diary.  My interest in gardens continues to grow; as does my despair with the National Trust.

Going forward I hope to put my newly-learned photography skills to use, so I might document some more experimental shots as I make my way through the journey of life as a serial house visitor.  Now I know how to move beyond the automatic settings of my camera, there’s a whole new world of photography ahead of me.

Happy New Year.

House & gardens visited during 2015

  1. Kew Gardens (London)
  2. Tower of London (London)
  3. Museum of Industrial History (Bradford)
  4. Bolling Hall (Bradford)
  5. Forty Hall (Enfield)
  6. The Walkie Talkie Roof Garden, Central London
  7. Vann Garden (Surrey)
  8. Petworth House (Hampshire)
  9. West Dean Garden (West Sussex)
  10. Houghton Lodge Garden
  11. Heale House Garden
  12. Wilton House (Wiltshire)
  13. Breamore Garden (Hampshire)
  14. Salisbury Cathderal (Wiltshire)
  15. Salisbury Museum (Wiltshire)
  16. Mompesson House (Wiltshire)
  17. The Grange
  18. Pompeii (Italy)
  19. Herculaneum (Italy)
  20. Tiberius’ Palace, Capri, Italy
  21. The Palace of Caserta, Italy
  22. Southside House, Wimbledon
  23. Kensington Palace (London)
  24. Hatfield House
  25. Tower of London
  26. Dulwich Picture Gallery (London)
  27. Horniman Museum (London)
  28. Ightam Mote (Kent)
  29. Knole House (Kent)
  30. Tower of London (again)
  31. Chichester Cathedral (West Sussex)
  32. West Dean Gardens (West Sussex)
  33. Goodwood House (West Sussex)
  34. Parham House (West Sussex)
  35. Loseley Park (Surrey)
  36. Painshill Park (Surrey)
  37. Palais de Versailles (France)
  38. Palais de Fontainebleu (France)
  39. Jardin de Claude Monet (Giverny, France)
  40. Japanese Gardens of Albert Kahn (Paris, France)
  41. Palais du Papes (Avignon, France)
  42. Chateau de Rothschild (Cannes, France)
  43. Hotel du Ville (Cannes, France)
  44. Palace Girabalid (Monte Carlo, France)
  45. Scotney Castle (Kent)
  46. Standen House (Kent)
  47. 575 Wandsworth Road (London)
  48. Syon House (London)
  49. Osterley Park (London)
  50. St Paul’s Cathedral (London)

2015 theme tune

5 thoughts on “Houses and gardens visited during 2015

  1. A rather impressive list 🙂

    Have you been to Malmaison in Paris? Josephine planned to create a beautiful and learned garden on her estate. It looks a bit bare these days, but you can certainly tell how keen she was about rare and exotic plants, the orangery and animals from goodness knows where. No aristocratic dabbler, this woman was a serious gardener!

    Have more great visits in 2016!

  2. Just a quick note to say “Thank you”. I look forward to receiving your new posts to which I save and revisit quite often. I have and will use your information when planning my annual trip to the UK. I hope that 2016 is kind to you and yours and may it be filled with good health, joy and peace. Take care and happy travels.

  3. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts since I began following your blog and they’ve given me ideas for future day trips and places to visit. Looking forward to your posts in 2016!

    Happy New Year.

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