Syon Park, an autumn walk (nr. London)

My almost annual ritual of visiting Syon House & Park at the end of the season took place a month ago.  It was pre-photography course so I was still taking rather than “making” pictures, but nevertheless I caught some lovely colours.

I was there are the door opened and consequently (because this little robin knows how to catch worms), I enjoyed the gardens all to myself, except for a heron, who was being sneaky about finding himself a fish.

I take the train to Brentford, cycle down to Syon, eat some sandwiches after a lingering walk around the house (only the Robert Adam rooms) and then take myself over to Osterley Park, before cycling back to Central London.

Do you ever take silent solo trips to take in the beauty of houses & gardens?

September and October are my favourite months.

When visited: October 2015

Previous trips here, here and here.


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