Salisbury’s Cathedral & historic houses

I suggest that everyone visits Salisbury.  It is a delightful market town, with two historic houses worth visiting (Mompesson House & Ed Heath’s former home, Arundells).  To top it off, Wilton House (my new favourite house) is only a short drive away.

There’s nothing like visiting a cathedral like that at Salisbury to remind one about the importance of mindfulness.

We also visited the Salisbury Museum, but I can’t say it was worth writing up (however, if you have an Art Fund card, you can try it out for free).

The Salisbury Museum, from the laws of the cathedral

Next time I visit Salisbury I’d like to visit Arundells, so I’ll put it on my “to visit” list now.


When visited: August 2015

3 thoughts on “Salisbury’s Cathedral & historic houses

  1. Apparently King’s House was the residence of Thomas Sadler, Registrar to the Bishops of Sarum – a man I had never heard of. But the reason I loved the Salisbury Museum was because of the royal connections. I don’t suppose King James I actually lived there, but he must have loved spending time there.

    Oh yes… and these days the costume collection and social history displays are a bit special 🙂

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