Scotney Castle (Kent): the ruin of folly

You’re welcome.

It’s a pleasure that I can share these photos with you.

This weekend I am taking a photography course.  14 hours of solid learning.  To date I’m a point and press type of photographer; on occasion I’ll turn off the auto focus to capture something closer or nearer to me but that’s as far as I go.  For a few years I’ve had a nice Canon 550D and so I’m hoping this weekend I’ll start to learn how to take really nice picture.

That said, I think these ones of Scotney Castle came out okay with the point & press system!

Unfortunately Scotney Castle isn’t a castle at all.  It was a substantial Georgian house and a Victorian demolished most of it, creating a folly in his garden and dumping a lump of horrid Victoriana on the hill.

The National Trust has only recently begun to open the more modern house, after its chatelaine died a few years ago.  Personally, I wouldn’t bother opening it.

The folly is dreamy, especially at 10am on a sunny autumn morning.

When visited: September 2015


6 thoughts on “Scotney Castle (Kent): the ruin of folly

  1. Hi Robin,

    I also have the same camera as you, and also good at point and click. You have reminded me that I need a course on its more sophisticated features. Having said that, your pictures are always enjoyable and viewable, what more do you want? Have a good course. and I look forward to the picture of the year!
    Jack Metcalfe

    1. Apparently I’ve been doing a lot wrong! Day one down. Next day 2. At least I have a lot of practice in composition of my chosen subject…

  2. I think the gardens and the folly are why it’s worth visiting. Especially on a day like you got!

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