Wilton House (Wiltshire) – my favourite

This house should be more popular than Blenheim Palace, Castle Howard and Chatsworth House put together.  It’s contents are exquisite, its history mind-boggling and its gardens thoroughly enjoyable (with the addition of a Palladian bridge).

But instead, we nearly had the house to ourselves.


I shall not flatter myself but the house does exactly what I always say they should – start with offering a short video with the history of the house.  Perfect.

Inside, the first guide introduces us and an answers our questions.  I ask lots of questions about pictures of a red brick Lincoln’s Inn Fields: “were these plans or did these exist before the current buildings”. “We’ve never been”, I’m told by the guide and her expert friend she’s called over, so they aren’t quite sure.

We move on around a courtyard of sculpture, corridors of wonderful taste, anticipating the Inigo Jones interiors.  And they wow me, double cube after single cube of a room.

I’m showing too much interest and am taken through doors I’m not supposed to go, to show how the Tudor layout was completely altered and how the building has developed.

Outside we wander through pockets of garden.

D drags me away.  I could have stayed all day.  So I glance once more and take a final photograph.

I hope to be back.

When visited: April 2015

Website: http://www.wiltonhouse.co.uk/


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10 thoughts on “Wilton House (Wiltshire) – my favourite

  1. I got to see this wonderful house and garden on a sunny day in May this year, and there were only a few people there. It was so amazing–an entire day would not be enough to enjoy all its treasures. So excited to see it again through your pictures!

  2. Too many questions? I have never heard of too many questions. That is what the guides are there for.

    I did thoroughly enjoy the cube and double cube rooms. I suppose I would not like to live in a house today with all that gold leaf and floral swags, but the Inigo Jones design was unbeatable. With pure geometric forms, even the paintings were perfectly located.

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