Canon Hall (nr Barnsley) – oh Jack was is that wood?

This is a local council museum, which on the day we visited was holding a re-enactment of 17th century soldiers. All very interesting.

However, what caught my attention was the wood on the cabinet below, about which I remember reading on Pegs N Tails.  But I can’t remember what it is.  Jack?!??

The house is pleasant for what it is: a formal Yorkshire house of the Georgian period, now in council ownership (since 1951).  In this, the family was the Spencers, who made their money in iron and coal but who by the 1950s could no longer keep the estate up.

Next to the house is a thriving farm, which is very popular with children (and I quite enjoyed it too, especially as lambs and kids were being born as we walked around!).

I was keen to see the Moorcroft collection at the house, but wasn’t inspired I’m afraid.

To the side of the house is a lovely cottage garden.

When visited: August 2014



3 thoughts on “Canon Hall (nr Barnsley) – oh Jack was is that wood?

  1. Hello and thank you for yet another informative visit.

    On closing you state when visited: August, 2015

    It is not August yet…………….typo (?)

    Enjoy your day


    PS: I look forward to your visit and hold them in a separate file………. ……love them.

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