Hoghton Tower (Lancashire) – where James I rode his pony

Two miles from Samlesbury Hall is Hoghton Tower, a fortified hilltop manor house.  It was a gloriously sunny August afternoon.

The house is of Elizabeth origin, with a great hall that claims fame by saying that it was within its four walls that a lump of steak was knighted “Sir Loin” by James I when he attended the property.

Of James I, we also heard that of his three-day visit in 1617:

i) he rode the property on his small horse (as he did at other properties), to hide his short stature;

ii) he refused to stay in the bedroom allocated for him as it had too many doors (to many entrance through which his murdered could walk) and instead chose to sleep in the one room in the house with just one door;

iii) he held court in the tower and received payment from locals in return for his blessing of them.

Sadly, this is another house where essentially the interior was left to ruin, its owners living away, and so the interior is very much a restoration/recreation of the late 19th and early 20th century.

The house now sits in a trust and is sadly, very much a museum in so far as it is shown to the public.

When visited: August 2014

Website: http://www.hoghtontower.co.uk/

4 thoughts on “Hoghton Tower (Lancashire) – where James I rode his pony

  1. On my patch! But although I’ve been past Salmesbury Hall and Houghton Towers many a time I’ve never visited. Doesn’t seem that I’ve missed too much although the architecture appears interesting enough.

    1. Yes, salmesbury hall doesn’t really have much to see. Houghton tower would be a better visit as they put on lots of events. Both are free with hha membership and we visited both on the same day with ease timing-wise. Worth a day out. This was a new area for us, even though only an hour drive away.

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