Samlesbury Hall (Lancashire) – they want you to judge the cover

I don’t have quite a wide enough lense it seems and so I include a picture from their own website:

I am not entirely sure what this house is.  I think it’s really a wedding/events venue with a cafe attached.  For the 14th century house’s history see here.

The house has had varying uses, including a school, and has been both restored and left to ruin during its time – it was sold in the late 17th century, only to be stripped of its contents and rented to weavers, before becoming an inn.  Following the period as a school, in the 1860s it was bought by a private owner, who may have committed suicide as a result of the debts he incurred in restoring the property.  By 1925, following even more restoration attempts, the property was in ruin.

What is notable, however, is that in 1924 the property was bought by a development company, who intended to raze the hall and build a housing estate on the land.  However, locals decided to raise monies to save the property.  The property therefore provides an early example of the community recognising the value of heritage, like at Marble Hill.

The history is represented in some of the rooms.  It has been owned by a trust since 1925 and I’m not sure what inside really has authenticity.  It’s a bit of a shell, waiting for a good knees up by paying revellers.

When visited: August 2014


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