Grimsthorpe Castle (Lincolnshire) – a wonderfully stuffed jem

Mid-week visits can be some of the best.  We visited Grimsthorpe Castle on a mid-week journey between London and Yorkshire, thus finding ourselves on a guided tour comprising just four people.  Even if it falls into the collection of houses that “call themselves a castle even though they’re not a castle”, I enjoyed the visit and would return.

Although many of the curtains were drawn in the rooms (a D “pet hate”), we were blown away by the breadth of the collection, even if we weren’t allowed to take photos inside.

This is also a house of two facades – strict order of Vanbrugh to the front and old rambles to the rear (a bit like Boughton House)

I have to admit, if it were not for the website of the Historic Houses Association, I don’t think I would ever have heard of this historic home.  It really does benefit houses to be a part of these bigger organisations, because although our entrance fee was free with the HHA, we spent more than our entrance fee in the shop/cafe.

It is nearly a year since I visited, so have really forgotten the details.  I need to get back in the habit of writing up trips as I finish them.  Hey ho.  From their website below:

There has been a building on the site of the castle since the reign of King John (1199-1216). The original defensive tower still forms part of the castle and it is easy to spot have battlements around the top of its walls and arrow slit windows. The larger windows are newer additions, put in when people were no longer worried about being beseiged by enemy forces!

When visited: July 2014


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