Drumlanrig House (Dumfries & Galloway)

I remember an amazing house.  We entered through the front door, which is always a good start.

I remember enclosed cloisters, an internal courtyard, walls covered in old masters, tales of Bonnie Prince Charlie staying at the house.  Boulle, Rembrandt, Reynolds, Gainsborough.

I remember lingering behind in each room, to soak up what I was seeing in the presence of no one else.

 The guided tour was a little eccentric.

But I was not allowed to take interior photos (so I have resorted to Flickr).

It was the last day of our 10-day tour of the North-East and Scotland and in order to make it to the train back to London, we skipped the formal gardens.

When visited: July 2015

Website: http://www.drumlanrigcastle.co.uk/

Further reading: here

One thought on “Drumlanrig House (Dumfries & Galloway)

  1. This is one of my favorite places for retaining a very distinct flavor and sense of place. I last visited in the 1980’s and remember being amazed…art to rival many museums here in the middle of a Scottish forest. So lovely. I thought, wow no guards or security at all it seemed. Sad to hear of their huge art theft, although I was not really surprised. Charming and eccentric docents back then. One of the lady docents gave a distinct impression that she really liked the then Duke but did not care for the Duchess. Nothing said outright but the idea was quite clear. Such a nice departure from the commercialized large estates where one feels one is in Disneyland. To pay for the estate’s upkeep they are destroying the very essence of the place. Go now before the magic is lost.

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