Paxton House – of the other Adam brothers (Berwickshire)

My memory being that they have a lot of Chippendale furniture, including a clothes maiden.  We also had a personal guided tour: one really does find a lot of country houses open in The Borders and very few tourists to spread between them, especially on the mid-week morning that we visited.

D remembers from this house the story of the butler killing the lady of the house.  D always asks about ghosts!  I liked the Georgian kitchen in the wing and the sloping corridor joining the servants wing, down which barrels of wine could be rolled.

From Wiki:

Paxton House is a historic house at Paxton, Berwickshire, in the Scottish Borders, a few miles south-west of Berwick-upon-Tweed, overlooking the River Tweed.

It is a country house built for Patrick Home of Billie in an unsuccessful attempt to woo a Prussian heiress. Attributed to James Adam (possibly in concert with John Adam), it was built between 1758 and 1766, under the supervision of James Nisbet, with extensive interiors (c1773) by Robert Adam, as well as furniture by Thomas Chippendale. The East Wing was added in 1812-13 by architect Robert Reid to house the library and picture gallery.[1]

Formerly the seat of the Home of Paxton family, who became Foreman-Home, Milne-Home, and finally Home-Robertson as the direct male lines failed and the inheritance progressed through a female. In 1988, the last laird, John David Home Robertson, a socialist member of Parliament, placed the house and grounds into the Paxton House Historic Building Preservation Trust. It is now open to the public and is a Partner Gallery of the National Galleries of Scotland.

When visited: July 2014


House out of 5: **** (for all the Chippendale)

Further reading: here

One thought on “Paxton House – of the other Adam brothers (Berwickshire)

  1. It was pouring with rain on my visit a few years ago but I especially remember a lovely walk beside the River Tweed and a gift shop in what appeared to be the front room. I liked it though and a friend always booked for the concerts around the end of July, I think.

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