The Walkie Talkie Sky Garden (Central London)

A condition of building a skyscraper outside of the designated high-rise area in the City of London, was to include a public space (to be entered free of charge).  The result is the Sky Garden, which although free, needs to be pre-booked.


For East London views, I would suggest going here rather than The Shard (as The Shard is in the view – a bit like going up the Rockefeller Centre in NY rather than the Empire State Building).


However, the garden is disappointing – less horticultural experience, more backdrop to the world of corporate entertainment.  Lots of ferns basically.

That is not to detract from the challenges of gardening in such a situation: everything was immaculate, if not a bit sterile and spoiled by juxtaposition of the multitude of couples on dates and rowdy drinkers, settling in the for the afternoon.

I’ll definitely go up there again for drinks, but might skip the restaurant: it’s set far back from the perimeter of the building, meaning The Shard’s restaurants win out for the viewing experience while eating.


When visited: April 2015

* out of 5: **

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