Alnwick Castle & Gardens (Northumberland)

This is where Harry Potter was filmed and where they’ve made a brand new garden.

It’s all just “okay” and very well kept; even with Canalettos it only gets a review of “okay”.  I guess I’m just not into Castles.  The interiors were all a bit too Victorian feeling for me (too much red).  I much prefer Syon House.


Just down the road we found a deserted beach at

The garden & castle are run as separate attractions, so you need to pay twice.

I think you can tell, I was disappointed.  I was really rather excited about this visit but nothing inspired me, not even the biggest water cascade built in recent years.  If you didn’t know, the garden was in decline and the Duchess of Northumberland decided to reinvent the gardens as a stand alone attraction.  It has achieved its goal and employs a lot of people.

I suppose the garden s been aimed at the mass market, so is all a bit blah, without the horticultural whiz of an RHS garden or the intimacy of a personal garden that opens to the public.

The town of Alnwick itself is worth visiting.

When visited: July 2014

Website: and

3 thoughts on “Alnwick Castle & Gardens (Northumberland)

  1. I have to say that I am usually in a minority here but I felt just the same as you when I visited. The Poison Garden was a slight saving grace but I have no interest in a re-visit. I also felt deflated – but this does happen when a place is so raved about.

  2. I was discussing Durham Cathedral and the historic city centre yesterday with the students. I recommended that they do a tour out to Alnwick, partially to see Alnwick’s interior and its treasures, but also to ask why such a small area in Northern England needed sooo many fortified castles.

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