Vann Garden: watery bliss (Surrey)

Driving through the countryside out of Central London we 
passed out of civilisation and followed the path of the 
little yellow signs hoping that we would stumble upon Vann. 

D regrets going into the field that is the parking as it 
was rather muddy. However, after a bit of panic we made 
it in and out.

There has been a house on the site since the 11th century.
Both the current house and garden are grade II listed.  

Only the gardens open but that is the real gem here as it was
designed by Gertrude Jekyll at the beginning of the 20th 

The garden is famous for its water features.

D was drawn to the plant sales, where we picked up an 
allium for a pound, and I'm pretty sure there were two
other plants in the carrier bags I saw put into the 
foot well behind the front seat of the car.

The family was having breakfast in the kitchen as we 
walked past and we felt almost like intruders, having 
placed our honesty entrance fee into an open-topped pot.

One thing that made me very jealous was the pockets of 
fritillaries that seemingly grow with ease.  

We enjoyed our short is it to Vanguard but soon 
it was time to make our way to Petworth a 30 minute 
drive away.
When visited: April 2015

3 thoughts on “Vann Garden: watery bliss (Surrey)

  1. I can’t believe this is literally just up the road from me and I have never heard of it! Thank you for bringing such a beautiful place to my attention, I must take my friend (a professional gardener) to visit, it looks lovely.

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