Woolsthorpe Manor: the apple drops!

Driving up and down the M1/A1 between Yorkshire and London presents an opportunity to drop in somewhere for a quick break.  On a recent trip we picked Woolsthorpe Manor, where Newton grew up and in the orchard of which he was sitting when (apparently) an apple did dropoth from a tree against which he was learning and, so they say, the rest was history!  Gravity baby.

The house is nothing special (furnished as simple 17th C farmhouse) but I did enjoy the barn, which is full of scientific experiments that visitors can participate in.

What struck me was how remote this house must have been for such an intelligent man of humble means.  How different his life at home on the farm must have been compared to time at Cambridge University.

As ever, I wonder if the home of every famous person deserves being a museum.  I’ll accept this house is worthy: seeing where Newton studied and spent this formative years is inspirational.  How lucky children are today to have so many resources at their fingertips in their pursuit of education.  It seems, apparently, genius will find it’s way though regardless!

When visited: September 2014

Website: http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/woolsthorpe-manor/


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