What do you read & what do I read

First, a few of my favourite blogs (other than the obvious ones also on my blogroll), that I like to read:

Are there any others that I’m clearly missing?

What do you read

In December 2012 I did a post highlighting the articles/trips that people read the most, much of which is to my surprise!

I thought I would revisit this idea, two years on.

By far the leader remains my whimsical post on “Dating Georgian houses by their windows”.

Dating Georgian houses by their windows #1
Houses & gardens visited #2
The White House: a Polish palace in West London #3
Large 18th century London town houses: 16 Queen Anne’s Gate #4
Hidcote Manor: the National Trust’s ‘first garden’ (Gloucestershire) #5
Greek orders #6
Syon House (Greater London): Adam as interior decorator of the medieval house #7
Wolterton Hall & Park and Mannington Hall & Gardens: a tale of two houses #8
Dennis Severs’ House (Central London): 18th century history in silence #9

2 thoughts on “What do you read & what do I read

  1. I’m off to Ireland (north and south) in May. Too many houses and too little time. My list gets longer by the day – and those are only the ones in areas where I’ll be. Have you been?

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