Edinburgh: Gladstone’s Land & the Georgian House

I left D to it.  I didn’t want to go to the shops in Edinburgh, but rather the Georgian House (it’s okay – does what it says on the tin).

After my visit to the Georgian House my eye was drawn to a NTS sign while I was making my way up the Royal Mile.  I was on my way to meet D at The Witchery but I thought maybe I had time enough to step inside.

I was glad I did (no pun intended!).  It is known as Gladstone’s Land and while pictures aren’t allowed inside (grr), I highly recommend a little trip next time in Edinburgh.  My mouse mat is now of Gladstone’s Land, showing wonderful painted renaissance beams.

Source: visitscotland.com

The NTS’s website says:

“The house of wealthy merchant and landlord Thomas Gledstanes showcases high-rise living, 17th-century style, at the beating heart of Edinburgh’s historic Royal Mile. In six rooms split across two levels, the authentically restored tenement shows how people from a variety of backgrounds went about their lives at a time when the cramped Lawnmarket was very much a living, breathing, working part of one of the world’s fastest-growing and influential cities.

Inside these walls you’ll discover the indignities of living in cramped conditions, the embarrassing consequences of sitting too close to the fire and the gruesome punishment for cheating your customers.

The Gledstanes name relates to the gilded bird of prey hanging outside the house. ‘Gled’ is an old Scottish word for red-tailed kite, which are often found nesting among ‘stanes’ or stones.”

Georgian House (source: stay.com)

When visited: July 2014



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