Carolside (Scottish Borders): a fine posy of roses

We lucked out and our trip to the Borders coincided with the limited opening of the gardens at Carolside.

We drove through a town, guessed the turning at the end of the road was right (it was left and so we turned around), drove past the steep driveway (I noticed the yellow sign after we passed and so we turned around again), but finally we made our way down the steep drive and parked any old how.  The handyman seemed to be on the gate and he nodded as we showed our HHA cards.

We had a lovely tea in the conservatory.  D was in plant heaven as there was roses a-plenty.  Everything culminates in a few weeks of the year.

This photo below from Carolside’s own website sums up the glory better than I ever could

The main attraction is a plump walled garden.  Edging the walled garden is a series of smaller gardens.  I admired the feel of the shed.

Really rather splendid.  This is the garden of a bookshop owner, the Foyles dynasty.

When visited: July 2014

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