Captain Cook’s House, Whitby

I hadn’t been to Whitby for nearly 30 years, D for over 35 years, so on our way to stay in Helmsley, North Yorkshire, we went a bit further north for a morning (two hours to be precise) in Whitby.

My only real memory from visiting Whitby before was of walking up some steps and standing beneath the jaw bones of a whale.   This time, we parked at the top of the hill next to Whitby’s version of Bath’s the Royal Crescent, and walked past the jaw bones, down into the town.

It’s “seasidey”.

Having decided not to visit Whitby Abbey (some things, like this ruin, are best looked at from afar), we went into a church fair, passed the amusements and fish & chip shops and crossed the bridge, where I knew there was somewhere our Art Fund passes would give us free access to: the Captain Cook Museum.

We only had 45 minutes left on the parking meter so our visit was brief (remember, we had to get back up that hill!) but I was surprised by how good the museum was.  In particular, there was an exhibition in the attic of the sorts of things Cook would have brought back from his travels, plus from up there visitors can share the same view Cook himself would have had of Whibty Harbour.

I bought two starfish for the shelf in the bathroom: £1 each, bargain.  My latest memento of Whitby.

When visited: June 2014



5 thoughts on “Captain Cook’s House, Whitby

  1. I have been to Captain Cook’s Cottage here in Melbourne! A very famous landmark. Now I am not surprised that a family had more than one cottage in the lives.. they may have moved every 10 years. But our cottage is small and relatively modest. Your Whitby house looks much more substantial and lovely.

  2. Wonderful photos and very welcome to have a different perspective on Whitby than the usual. Obviously the abbey is romantic and striking but it often the only bit of architecture ever highlighted or shown. Thank you for sharing your own unique perspective.

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