The Bowes Museum: in your face!

We went for the swan automaton but were completely overwhelmed by the scale of the Bowes Museum, which there is no chance of missing.

Its builders loved to collect and were childless.  Their life mission became to create a museum to house their collection.  Which indeed they did.

Notable for me, there are a couple of Canalettos in the collection.  But I left feeling quite ill.  Victoriana can do that to me.  Yes, really, architecture can make me feel ill (or joyful).

So not a house that was ever a home, which I didn’t appreciate before visiting.  But at least it took us to Rokeby Park!

When visited: July 2014


4 thoughts on “The Bowes Museum: in your face!

  1. Thank you for the photos…. the building is monumental!!

    I loved the idea that people who don’t have children of their own… still want to hand on a great legacy to future generations. I will write up my visit and select the elements that excited me the most.

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