Rokeby Park Hall (County Durham): tasty!

I am sooo glad that I flipped our plans in order to visit Rokeby Park.  Look at it?  Isn’t it just like a big juicy Jaffa orange?

We had intended to visit the Bowes Museum in the morning and wait until 2pm to watch the swan automaton.  But if we wanted to get to Durham for a couple of hours in the afternoon, we wouldn’t have had time to go to Rokeby Park, only 10 minutes from the Bowes Museum.  So, I decided that we would add an extra hour of driving to our day and go further north to Durham first thing in the morning, driving back down to Barnard Castle before going north again to Alnwick.

I have a slight fascination with Print Rooms and so I was delighted to see one at Rokeby Park.

I also admired how while one of the wings had been altered to add another floor of bedrooms, like at Harewood House, this was sympathetic.

A lovely house.  No shop.  No tea & cake.  Just a perfect foil to the very Victorian experience we had just had at the Bowes Museum.

More pictures here.


When visited: July 2014

5 thoughts on “Rokeby Park Hall (County Durham): tasty!

  1. What is a print room? I am guessing it is a room that has framed prints on the walls, instead of paintings. Then I am assuming the prints would have been chosen over paintings because they were cheaper? more easily bought?

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