Bessie Surtees House, Newcastle

When visiting Newcastle in July 2014, I asked a friend who lived there what we should see.

Bessie Surtees house was mentioned as somewhere to pop into “as it has an interesting story”.

I expected Newcastle to be like the Southbank in London, having heard all sorts of wonderful things about regeneration.  Unfortunately, we didn’t find much to do (having walked past  the shops, down the hill, along the river, over the bridge, ending with taking in a coffee at the Baltic centre).  We still had time so I suggested we walk back towards the buildings where seagulls had made their nests and find Bessie Surtees house, which is English Heritage’s HQ for the area.

The houses are Jacobean and wonderfully wonky.  Three rooms are open to visitors (admission is free) and there’s a love story about one of the occupants, Bessie Surtees, whose undesirable suitor went on to become Lord Chancellor, proving himself suitable after all!

When visited: July 2014

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