The view from Wray Castle (The Lake District, Cumbria)

D’s dislike for Wray Castle was so intense that I was met with the words “I’m leaving; I’ll meet you in the car”.  So I shrugged my shoulders and said:

True, it is a mock Norman castle on the eastern side of Windermere in the Lake District, which in the context of the traditional construction of most properties in the area, makes it easy for one to understand why the locals were outraged when it was built there in 1840.  It’s Liverpudlian retired-surgeon owner designed it himself.  The National Trust bought the property so as to preserve the shoreline.

After years of institution use as a school and offices there is a dire feeling to the building.  Top that off with the neo-gothic interiors, on paper it’s questionable why I wasn’t the first to walk out.  However, I was impressed by how the empty shell has been turned into a child-friendly haven.  The place is cavernous with warrens of rooms.  A pool table, table-tennis table, soft play, room after room of activities for children (and plenty that are empty).

I won’t return to the house (I’d happily walk in the grounds but D was having none of that either) but I’d recommend it to those with children who find themselves at a loose end on a rainy day in the Lake District.

The view was certainly nice enough!

When visited: October 2014


4 thoughts on “The view from Wray Castle (The Lake District, Cumbria)

  1. Pity D hated it so badly. We visited a few years ago when the national trust opened it specially as they were starting the restorations. It was a rainy day and we had just visited hill top nearby if I remember well. It provided a rare (for us) view into what the trust does as it starts preparing buildings for visitors…

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